From 3rd January 2022 to 7th November 2022, I wrote 62 songs. I wore out 120 guitar strings. Scribbled around 1700 lyric lines on a pencil worn down to its rubber. In that particular space of time I mustered all the invention, melodies, harmonies, instrumentation and reflected chorus’ I could create in those 45 weeks. But I didn’t have to dig a child's grave nor did I have to beg forgiveness. I was neither bombed, tortured nor forced to leave my recording studio to fear or hide from the incoming oppression.

All I had to do was appeal to my imagination. Press record and catch it!

Written and performed by me. Piano and production by Otto.

Available on all streaming platforms.

Released 2023

Track Listing


It’s the flame your mother told
It's his fire that your father sold
It’s the fight that’ll keep you alive
I don’t know what it is
Enjoy the ride

And I burn with life
Oh I am feeling this
Life tells us what it does not what it is
And the candles smoke when you die
It’s ya smile ya spirit the light in your eye

It’s the thing no one really knows
Ya qualia ya fire your ghost
It’s the light you can’t define
It’s the flame the life your time

And you can’t dig it out with ya knife
Its not on the morticians table
Its undefined life

And it's not God
No more comfort in lies
We don’t know what it is but you’re alive
But your life is no more than a flame
It's not your hope luck or prayer they’re all the same

It's the detailed end of being alive
It's the missing part when you die
Sparked at conception delivered at birth
It's not your soul
It's the Earth


Unfeed The Clock

Black hooded crows
Sit in ominous trees
I left everything but you
Paris Saint-Germain please
People are used
Why can’t they see
Kissing for life
Exhale and breathe

Unnamed in your dreams
Heart rate slows beneath trees
Unfeed the clock
Exhale and breathe

Temperament of youth
Moan for the light
Unrope time
We tendered up night
On carnal reward
Shift in delight
Fitzcarraldo bue
Lips smell of life

Unshape the love
We tendered up night
Unfeed the clock
Lips smell of life


Who You Gonna Be

Who you gonna look like
Who you wanna be like
Who you wanna think like
I’m just trying to be me

Who you wanna kiss like
Who you gonna hold tight
In the dark what they feel like
I’m just trying to be me

And who you gonna act like
Who you want me to treat you like
Who you gonna love right
Who do they think they’re walking home

Who you gonna sing like
Who you gonna tender up like
Who you gonna be
Don’t be what you’re sold

You losing like a street fight
They’re stealing from you your life
I’m singin’ you can’t film moonlight
Just trying to be me
Just trying to be me



Does anybody really know Kurt Vonnegut
I passed the signs that say you're leaving
And whose got the figures on the distance
Between us and the beast

Who really knows how they make those beats
And why they make ya crazy

And the attack dogs
And the tears they forgot
As you drag your moral expectation to the street

I cry when I hear Beethoven
Mother with her baby
Held it up

When did you lose interest
In who you gonna be

What we are is the street

Take care of the music
We are unpublished dreams

Street is all we got


With Wolves

Stop Calling murder war
I feel the morning
When I’m shovelling snow
Feel the ground rumblin’
It's our time to go
And I feel it in love
In animals too
Feel it in my addiction
Where we gonna be
When the pirates come for you

Run to the river
Learn how to say prayers
Night hungry with wolves
On our own out there
We run outta vodka
And we run outta news
World can you help
Where we gonna go
When the pirates come for you

Little hungry birds
Can’t fly home
Bury the dead
‘Neath a primitive moon
The girls still cryin’
What men gotta do
World do ya hear it
Where we gonna go
When the pirates come for you


Sign My Name

And I’ve seen how they resemble love
Nursing infants
I cast my name when you leave
Under the veil dancing
I hold my ears when you bleed
Girls being boys
Boys being girls
On the love parade
And to know
That inside we are the same

I sacrifice the mother in me
We looked at each other and smiled
When the curtain falls we leave
I love the fact that the world isn’t fair
And I’m all alone right now
How else could we make it better
How else could we work it out
Not everybody knows what I mean

In the beginning it was different
Oh children
There were acres of room
And the plains so full of everything
And if we fail to turn you on
And the waterfalls were clean
We turn you off
And life itself was fresh and in rapture
And if we turn you off
When tides were pure
You shall turn against one another
And the stars in comparative infancy
Began to share their light
That much I know

And not everybody’s been here before
Mostly people are beautiful
So many things we don’t know why
My phone rang
A woman said
What you waiting for
Dancing in and out of pools of light

And you would sacrifice your life
For one more worthy than you
And every time I hear it I cry
Love like that
Not in standard form
Life in case you haven’t noticed
The art of life is love
You gotta feed it
You gotta feed your soul
And there’s life in this world that I need

He said I owe you everything
You took me in when I was lost
You held me close when I was broken
And you filled me up when I was done
I sign my name
At the bottom of your page



This is the truth about what they don’t tell ya
You die and went to bed
We got to do this to each other forever
Seduced by a woman all alone
Movin’ through a hole in the world
Scandalled by a woman on her own
Another page full
She’ll tell you the truth you wanna know
Tell 'em what it is
here it is
The truth and all the tales you gonna tell about the king
The absolute triumph of youth
And here it is
The truth you gonna tell about being alive
Sleep in the same room
Love on the same coordinates
You can do it
See through it
You’re alive
Give it everything
Hey children
You already know it
Prima ballerina gotta dance
Let yourself go
The truth you gotta tell about being alive
You kill everything and touch everyone
We’ll make it better
This is the aperture through which we view the world
It's the truth about being what ya are
And all of this is coming
It's the truth about being alive
Tomorrow's already on the other side of the world


Come On

And oh the rich come on
And all the poor come on
And all the doctors on the front line come on
The Earth is round there’s no side to be on
But we need all the help we can get
To get on

The beauty of the human form
And all of babies let love be born
And politics still laggin’ behind come on
And children bring all your smiles along
Cos we need all the help we can get
Come on

And all of us in love come on
From city to the village this is home
And the feeders and the teachers keep goin’
And all the agitators bring it on
Cos we need all the help we can get
So come on

And the marginalised of life take a turn
The library of mankind don’t burn
And what we don’t know yet we’ll learn
And for those without a voice here’s one
Because we need all the help we can get
To get on


Citizen Lost

Excuse me sir
Can I trouble you for a kiss
Seen most of the world
Most the world is famous
Feel it
We’re in this
Don’t live like a virgin
Die like a saint
Don’t swallow that
Which you gotta shout
Citizen lost
We’re in this

Citizen lost
Citizen lost
Could have been this

Damned by some God
Squared up to me
It’s a song
It’s a curse
Bend your dreams over
Citizen Lost
We’re in this

Excuse me world
Can I trouble you for a kiss
Damn polite society got no soul
Feel it
Could have been this

Citizen lost
Citizen lost
Could have been this
Citizen lost
Citizen lost
We’re in this


Vow of Silence

It feels like this
Advice for the poet
A third of the people on earth
It's also advice for the clown
Got no clean drinking water
Let's be greedy and call it
Lay the leaders of the world
Let us call ‘em all down
Alongside that

Call down the beautiful
Call out the war
Tunnel of love
Call out for the lovers
Gonna bare you to the bone
Kiss where it's sore

Call down to leaders
We don’t really know what it is
Call out for the bum
This song stops at Graceland
Call out from the womb
It's best if you mean it
Call out as one
Obviously we know what the point is

Call out for tender
Call out against fear
Shout it out
Call out for science
So little of what we do
It's why we’re still here
is worth writing down

People hungry to smile
Judge said
Love sticky and damp
If you continue to pursue
You’ve not yet been defeated
Your wealthy plan
Veil of posies and pant
to destroy her

Call on each other
You will not win
Call out for his pain
Not in my court
Call out for difference
Call out the same
You broke the contract of love

Scale down the brutal
Somebody change the bubble gum
As we crawl through the mud
Let our language be kind
When who you are is unimportant
As we break out in love
But what you do is significant

Call out for Alan Turing
For injustice unlit
I’m really gonna miss the elephant
You cry in your sleep
Expect resistance
And we don’t even know it

Call out for water
Don’t call out for our blood
I sleep where dogs go to die
Scale down the leaders
Scale up the love
What you waiting for
Bow to your temple
Shout it out
Carry the weak
More oral
Bow down to your inner mother
Less anal
Let innocence sleep
This is a vow of silence


Noam Chomsky's Room

At night I hear your baby croon
A collision with Mother Earth bore the moon
This cities ambition is as old as its new
And I live on the street
Across from Noam Chomsky's room

The mausoleum is full of those who best lied
Candle flames burn the same height
No matter who died
And our books and our prayers
And our thoughts for the dead
The great unifying words of mankind have yet to be said

Low order lives in a sweatshop in Istanbul
Laughter’s a necessary tool for our survival
And you’re happy when the boys make love to you
And I live on this street across from Noam Chomsky's room

So dance little Ballerina stamp your soul
Tie that to ya ship and sail it off the edge of the world
And all our books and our prayers
And our thoughts for the dead
The great unifying words of mankind
Have yet to be said

Love is a diva when she breathes on him
Push in the needle pull out the pin
Life it depends on the view
And I live on this street across from Noam Chomsky's room

And our books and our prayers
And our thoughts for the dead
The great unifying words of mankind have yet to be said


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