DEAN OMORI Songwriter - Poet

I Want To Be Pregnant

Then there are babies.

And obviously how we raise our children will become the substance of tomorrow. The destiny of our offspring will always dictate the future. Be this both our enduring wonder and such an uncomfortable truth, there shall be little escaping this human reality.

The polarising affect of our parenting, will continue to chalk up the progress and the destruction of our kind.

But I have stood beside one species of God. I have witnessed the humbling wonder of human birth.

I Want To Be Pregnant.

Album cover by Lena Lynn Juliet.

Written, performed and produced by me.

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Released 2008

Track Listing

Small Genius In A Self-Righteous Way

I wanna be him And I wanna be her
I want to be silent
And I want to be heard
I wanna be in dream
I wanna be psyched
Wanna stand alone
And I wanna be liked
And I wanna feel nothing
Little bit more
I want a better hand
Than I had before

And I wanna be there
I wanna be here
Wanna get dirty
And I wanna be clear
I wanna be happy
Flirtatious looks
I want it to be easy
And I want to have read all these books

And I wanna be perfect
And I wanna be thin
I wanna to be hungry
And smarter than him
I wanna be held
And I wanna hold you
Appeal to the many
Loved by the few
And I want you dead
Don’t ask me why
Uncomfortable silence
Make you cry

And I wanna be married
Just let me be
And I wanna be neutral
Don’t want you to know me
Survive your childhood
Fuck on a bed
I wanna be tender
And free from all the words in my head

I want better money
Hounds gonna croon
Catch a little madness
Drag the lake for the moon
Be a victim of lies
I wanna be seen
I wanna stand up
Say what ya mean
And I want to be honest
And I wanna survive
I wanna feel a little pain
Just to know I’m alive

Cloaked in disguise
Kiss lips that pray
And tie me to the light
Truths got nothing to say
And I don’t wanna be damaged
Wanna be good
I wanna be hated
And precious
And misunderstood

And I wanna be crazy
And tempered by fate
I wanna be real
And I wanna be fake
I wanna be shipwrecked
I wanna go home
Seize at customs
Hammered and stoned
And I wanna go out
Pencil me in
Pray to her
Bow to him

Break the rules
Fix the flaws
Bend the rules
Light the cause
And make up lies
Life on the run
Return love
Ignore me
Til my penance is done

And I wanna speak out And smile in defence
And I wanna be original
With all the pretence
And I wanna be provocative
And I wanna be blessed
Court the heathen
Feed from the breast
And I wanna be cried for
I wanna be cheap
Gotta lawless mind
Booze help me sleep

And I wanna be happy
Comfort your wife
Turned it up
Rework my life
Scale insecurity
Squeeze me today
Just a small genius
In a self-righteous way

Devils collective
Sound the alarm
Perspective gone
Here comes a storm
Don’t look at me
I’m just pretend
Unchain your rings
From those masters of men
Put your boot on my throat
Back-story of Gin
Soliloquied heart
Bucket of sin

And I wanna be buried And I wanna be saved
I wanna be frightened
And I wanna be brave
And I’ll be here
Borders have bust
Its best to say nothing
I’ll keep watch ×

Valentines Day Is Done

Love is easier to get into than out of
And I’ve seen the skirts downtown they look like God
To satisfy the dream you wanna believe in
Sacrifice what you are for what you’re not
Valentines day is over
Valentines day is done

And there are no songs here for the ugly
Or for the humiliation with which you bleed
As you lower your sights and form reality
The definition of romance is make believe
Valentines day is over
Valentines day is done

And restaurants are throwing out all your broken promises
And you return to what your loveless life still means
And the stores take down their heart shaped balloons
As we kiss goodbye once more their manufactured dreams
Valentines day is over
Valentines day is done

Cards have all gone so is their redundant meaning
You peddling sex like a dime store God
What they hustle you with is pop is idol empty
What they sold ya was a billion dollar massacre of love
Valentines day is over
Valentines day is done



And you’re so powerful
Stand up and be beautiful
On top of the world
The imagination of Mother Nature
Like looking at your soul
And I see you cry and moan
Oh mighty silhouette its the symbol of life
We kill it and we kill it and we look away
This is us as our Devil
This is us as our God
We’re gonna miss ya
Oh great Elephant

And I’ve seen ‘em hold their babies up
And I’ve seen ‘em
And I’ve seen ‘em stand where Elephants go to die
And I’ve seen ‘em

And I don’t wanna live without it
And we all felt that
And death will be around you
And they followed it
And they saved it - and it was beautiful
And we don’t want you to go - Holy Pachyderm
Life is so incredible
And I don’t care for your zoos and your stupid rules
And your poaches and policies that condemn them to die
And when they’re gone they aint comin’ back
We can’t live we can’t live without you
Imagine life without the elephant


Love Louder Than Bombs

We’re a bucket and a clown
We’re the feeling of hope
We’re bohemian in kind
When beauties lips quote
The Human lightning has stuck
We’re all of these songs
The way that we mate
You and me
We’ve love louder than bombs

Oh the wisdom you bring
There’s echoes in love so I’m told
We’re thought without shape
Add it to the canon of your soul
So many doorways dark but we’re not
We’re frescos and psalms
Hold on to your wings
Me and you
We’ve love louder than bombs

Hear the world screaming outside
Plague on your house when you weep
The new born smells of life
And you smile when you sleep
Do you hear em screaming inside
But the good people will come
They swapped a child’s heart in a war
Imagine that
We’ve love louder than bombs


I Need Attention

And I need attention
I need Africa
Need to turn it off
Strung out on people
And I need a songline
And I need an airport
Need to be wild
Need you to love me
And I need a phone call
Call Charlie Mingus
Need a New York bassline
Warn through my heart
And I need you to touch me
Need a long long walk
I don’t want to be allowed
I’m gonna stamp my feet
Get me to the Guggenheim

And I need attention
Need the world to stop calling
Need time by a river
Need to be bettered with tears
I need to let myself go
I need to be lonely
I can sense injustice
Throw your arms around me
I am the moon
Need a room filled with children
I need you to touch the perineum
Take me down from the cross
Wanna check into a seedy motel
I want you to leave me here
Need new shoes and a teapot
Oh bring it all on
Take me I’m yours

And I need attention
Need a city skyline
I don’t need your prayers
Bring me the distance
And I need a rainstorm
Ride horses in the dark
And I wanna go home
And I need your silence
Make my lips numb
Need no justification
Lay naked in gloaming
I need to fold your clothes
And I don’t need your mother
Need to smell my own kind
Sometimes I just need my kitchen
And I wanna be pregnant
I need your attention



When was a little boy
I was queen of the donkey end
Wasn’t very good at being a child
So I would pretend
All the people I loved were on record
Callin’ out to me
Delicious little boy found out
What he’s gonna be
And everyone I needed was missing
I heard a different train back then
I didn’t wanna be like you
I wanted to be like them

Read a book on Auschwitz on a train leavin’ home
Why didn’t anybody tell me
The quest for enlightened perspective
On the train outta there I was free
And my past I left tied to tomorrow
Had a toothbrush and the clothes I stood up in
Some Canadian guitar player was going my way
Hey buddy
You wanna sit in

And I never went back
And may you live long enough to die
I’m just a boy falling
We hurt more in truth than a lie
Stopped and fell in love
Surrendered my soul and my kiss
And when I die I’ll return to the universe
And I’m happy we live in a world like this


Pollination Contracts

Do you know what to do or don’t you care
Politicians listen but they’re not there
Your rage has torn these roads of silk
Burned myself on mothers milk
And I changed me name

Woman come with moccasin soft breasts
Awoke my poet and my childhood left
Cunnilingus mama you know where its at
Fellatio honey
There’ll be a lot more of that

Pollination contracts

Only two children per family please
Old man talking about honeybees
The seasons are in balance to mothers call
Industrialise nature every time will kill it all

On a bus in the mountains she were hungry for me
Impaled herself for the birds and the bees
They call it faith but its hope that they need
She cried out loud
Will life be here tomorrow

Pollination contracts

In a heavy scented meadow we made love
Passed the genetic baton like a moment of god
Drank the nectar and buried the seed
In a burst of colour the two us became three

Love harmonies are moaning oh don’t you complain
Hallelujah the exquisite pleasures of pain
We’re only making love how wrong can it be
As far as I know the best things in life are still free Pollination contracts


Digby Jackson

Digby Jackson sat alone
He’s a friend of mine but I don’t know him
You should see his wardrobe
He’s a beautiful boy

I said to him how’s ya darling
He said it doesn’t hurt anymore
The ceilings have fallen down
Bring us all out of the rubble
You gotta be who you are

Coffee with a stranger
I feel like I knew ya
Beautiful girl writing a book about love
Touched her eyes and whispered
Don’t cry Lena - don’t cry

Like being pulled between two horses
We matter so little
When we’re all done with crying
Kiss the hell out of life

Digby Jackson sat alone
He’s a friend of mine but I don’t know him
Best not believe in destiny
Its a short ride
I like your style


Im Not The Man I Used To Be

I paved the road on matter the cost
I made it for you for those who are lost
I’m not the man I used to be

If I stand aside I’m just making room
Mouth and heart will burst into bloom
I’m not the man I used to me

Do you remember making love a while
Do you remember making love a while
I’ll carry you through Hong Kong streets
Belly full of baby tiny little beats
And you’ll make us smile

Speak the truth like only a bad man knows
I’m no longer naked beneath my clothes
I’m not the man I used to be

Got my beard and my runaway blues
Sorry if I intimidate you
I’m not the man I used to be

Do you remember making love outside
Do you remember making love outside
Smell beneath a hummingbird’s wing
Forget about the political thing
And I may be a while

Find myself a long way from where everybody’s comin’ from
I found myself singing a different song
I find myself a long way from where everybody’s comin’ from
I found myself singing a different song

When I’m a woman and when I’m a child
I’m explosive and vivid, sensual and wild
And I’m not the man I used to be

Crowd has deserted something I said
I’ve touched the silhouette beneath her pretty silk dress
I’m not the man I used to be

Do you remember making love when he died
Do you remember making love when he died
And she purred and parted her thighs
Fall out with god open my eyes
I could be a while

And I find myself a long way from where everybody’s comin’ from
I found myself singing a different song
I find myself a long way from where everybody’s comin’ from
I found myself singing a different song


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