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Music for an Unknown Revolution

Music for an Unknown Revolution is the post-modern soundtrack to the first quarter of the twenty-first century. The old world order shall succumb to the new and revolution will inherit tomorrow.

Music for an Unknown Revolution is dark and absolute in its intention. When the meaning of life is forgotten, revolution alone is sent to restore us. There are forms of rebellion in everything, and it is upon this theme that the album is dedicated.

Written, performed and produced by me. Photography and percussion by Otto

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January 2nd 2017

Track Listing

We Came This Far

Info * A shout out in the dark to remind us that even in times when we are rounded down to be little more than the subjects of our leaders; we must never forget that it is us, the people, that are the ever unhinged and enterprising geniuses of planet Earth.

The weather report was cold today
If you look into people's eyes
They don’t look like they love anybody anymore
The taxi drivers are making you walk home
And those with ancient souls wander the world unprotected
The by-product of the algorithms that maintain power
Makes us cautious of each other
But it’s not right to hate a woman because she is different
Anymore than when it is a child
Or a dreamer or a foreign player
But it's not OK to hate our own kind
It will once again bring us all to our knees
Come on people stand up
And let us see once more how we came so far

There’s revolution in the bones of men
And in the cradle of woman
And it is not always in the options we are given
that determines right from wrong
But when we are made in love
We can light up the dark
In the time it takes to fight
A song can change your life
Computer, medicine, philosophy, art, science, engineering and communication
We are almost unimaginable, dreams are now even possible
But people can and they do change the world
While leaders are just reading speeches
Let us not forget mankind stood on the moon
One man stood in front of that tank in Tiananmen square
Not a nation, not a religion and not a political party
Come on people stand up
And let us see once more how we came so far


Devil Cut 'Em Down

Info * A travelling European troubadour adrift in modern America.

Someone fired a shotgun
Hop me a railroad
Better days
Bring it on
Don’t care where I’m headin
Now I’m lost in New York City
These songs come a long long way from home

Now I’m singing like a boxer
Biting down on Bourbon
Rape yourself
No borderline
Smoking like a mother
Blown down to Tijuana
Just following the breeze of a woman’s sound

And they’re hangin my songs from beautiful trees
Devil cut ‘em down
Devil cut ‘em down

I’m a heathen like a preacher
Whisper me your secrets
Suck your lip
Sell your soul
Leave the window open
There’s stump whiskey in New Orleans
They play all night and drink it dry

And when I was a painter
Felt the poverty of glory
Fold your bones
Let it out
Revolution is a duty
Now I’m living like Caravaggio
There’s music in the shadows to be found

They’re hangin my songs from beautiful trees
Oh Devil cut 'em down
Oh Devil cut 'em down

Steel hammers at the crossroad
Sharp me a pencil
Hit it
Fear me
Dead man touched my shoulder
I’m not bound for Heaven
Maybe somewhere beneath the fog of Baltimore

Now I'm sleeping in a bath house
Plantation mama panting
I hear ya
Bass line
Stomping on the old floor
Drag my guitar into tomorrow
We’ll be singing on Minstrel Street goddamn

They’re hangin my songs from beautiful trees
Oh Devil cut 'em down
Devil cut 'em down



Info * Based on Todd Haynes’ beautiful film of the same name. The song takes the form of a woman explaining her reasons for trading up her love from husband to female partner.

Never liked the bar that you drink in
Never liked the actors you pretend with
Never liked the dragon that was between us
Never believe the reasons that you give
Never liked the tattoo of me upon your arm
Never got the chance to like what you forgot
Never thought I'd fall in love with a woman
I never thought I’d love so much what you were not

Never liked the way you greet the morning
Never liked the way you say goodnight
You never liked the peace that was my garden
And you hold the world to ransom while you fight
I never want to hold 'em down to feel the power
Never like your questions that begin with what
I always thought you knew when we watched Carol
Do men ever know what it is they got

Did you ever wonder what it was I was dreaming
Never liked your horrible caravan
And only when you're done do you lose your ego
But oh my empty belly needs a man
Never liked the games you played to fill out boredom
Never liked your drunken coat of arms
Never have so many loved so few
I never liked the god that you came from

I never liked your terms of jealous candor
Never liked the words you use for that
My Baccalaureate no longer beneath you
And you couldn’t find my pleasure if I drew a map
Oh my legacy is woman
But things can’t go on the way they were
I’m not just milk and eggs for you
Man you’re losing us to her


Scream It

Info * In the absence of revolution, our questions of morality and what we perceive to be right or wrong, have little volume. But in a different time they are often the foundations for a new rebellion.

I don’t know why these big people feel so small
I don’t know why you wear that veil at all
I don’t know what the revolution is waiting for
I don’t know why you don’t let yourself go
I don’t know why I never sang this song before

I don’t know why leaders promises ain’t there yet
I don’t know how you hate who you never met
I don’t know what they do to the girls you sold
And I don’t know why there’s no peace on Earth
I don’t know why you keep doing as you’re told

And I don’t know why her lamp stays on all night
I don’t know how some people are so hard to like
I don’t know why there's magic when she smiled
I don’t know where to put my heart when I see ‘em cry
I don’t know how you can humiliate a child

I don’t know why your rebellion died alone
I don’t know why help is sanctified and cold
I don’t know why your generation's flesh is torn
I don’t know why you don’t look at the world
I don’t know why you don’t scream it into the storm

And I don’t know why there’s no peace on Earth
And I don’t know why you don’t scream it into the storm



Info * Our sexual characteristics illustrate the repressions and freedoms of the human conundrum.

Sex is not about love
It’s not about proof
It’s not about gratification
And it’s not about truth
It’s not about consolation
Sex is tempted with a kiss
It’s not about minor chords and tantrums
It ain’t what you think it is
Sex is not about gender
Whose tied to the bed with the rope
Sex is not about conquest or surrender
It’s just a moment of hope

It’s not about those diamond laws
Can’t remember who it was
Mile high club and movie stars
Sex sure feels like love

Sex is a weapon
It’s of bees and birds
It makes monsters and angels
Sex is dirtier than words
Sex is better than you imagined
And it’s worse than you thought
It’s the currency of bodies
Sex is the physics of a god
Sex is barbed wire and peaches
It’s got something to sell
Sex is your evolution
Pick their parents well

Its not always what you call love
Can be the physical act of fucking things up
It can make it and you can kill it
But sex sure feels like love


The Last Rhino

Info * We approach a new defining moment when one of Earth’s largest animals will become extinct. The song is lyrically constructed to make the point that our small and superficial occasions may have contributed to this ultimate disaster. The last northern male white Rhino waits to die ending the species. Scream that into the storm!

Hold me – Beaten - Laughed at - Heathen
Straight lines - Landmines
Women walking home behind cows
Welfare - Late spring - Fall out - Bad dreams
Hatred - Hope needs an army
Are you proud to be a man

Nature – Deselected - Do ya know where we’re headed
Feed us
Life’s a goddamn battle for home
Shoot the bird – Pretender - Dynamite – Gender
Crops are full of dust and dread
Tomorrows breaking my heart

And the world is mad and loud
As the last white Rhino lays down

The Truth - Fiction - Violence – Addiction
Lost people
Calling out for the reaper before its their time
Body - Preening - Acts of love demeaning
Playground full of children gearing up for war

Happiness - troubles - Children laugh Like Bubbles
Don’t bring us all down with your lifeless bag of bones
Suicide – Smile – Sugar coated bile
Just let ‘em be
You don’t wanna live here alone

And the whole world is mad and loud
As the last white Rhino lays down


Didn't Come Here To Die

Info * Was written for the peerless and revolutionary writer David Foster Wallace, a man who epitomizes the absolute singularity, tragedy and majesty of a human life.

The sunshine is good
Wisdom don’t lie
Don’t regret what you do
Didn’t come here to die

Volcanoes cough
A young woman’s flesh
And if that’s not enough
The water is fresh

Sunflowers grow tall
The baby makers in luck
Infants learning to crawl
They just keep getting up

So many beautiful things
That darkness can’t hide
But when your opus sings
I swear I feel ya inside

Feel the murder tonight
At the execution
Writer alone
Revolution to come

Straight lines and prose
Are the markers of man
And when you stand tall
The martyrs lay down

No way it could feel worse
No more beautiful words of
A giant among men
Like being raped with love

And I’d have sat on your bed
You’re disruptive and shy
You hung yourself at 46
Didn’t come here to die


De-Map My Heart

Info * Is a pseudo ‘hometown blues’ about a burgeoning young man’s life whose love and dreams are quashed by his own community strung out on lives with nothing more than violence and poverty, on course for self-annihilation.

Boozed and blown
Papa up’d and gone
Currency here is a pretty little mouth
Mama writing a book about bones

Alabama fam
Buzzards lying down
Dead dog in the water hole
They tell me devil’s sacred of this town

Whacked out by design
Truth's 'bout as worthless as lyin
Singing to the shadows have I lost my mind
Round here its harder living than dying

You’re cooking up shit by the firebird sign
And the preachers brewing up a storm
Nailed your chin to your chest again
And you aint waking up until the morning
Down that road you take your comfort alone

The narcotics vig is on
Everybody’s life ain’t their own
They smoked all the pages from the library
Your soul already got up and gone

These farm boys are punchy with love
They never know when enough is enough
Little sister drew a dead tree and a rope
And I’m bull-horned to de-map my heart

The worlds living in Dogtown
We’re all living down in Dogtown
De-map my heart

Some places are lower than scum
Darling got our baby to come
She blew out his candle with a shot in the dark
That night across the field we run

You’re cooking up shit by the firebird sign
And the preachers brewing up a storm
Nailed your chin to your chest again
And you aint waking up until the morning
Oh down that road you take your comfort alone


Can We Say It Loud Enough

Info * Is born of revolution. “This is all you’re ever gonna need to know. If the world were smaller it would have died of us long ago…….”

And this is all you’re ever gonna need to know
If the world were smaller it would have died of us long ago
Why have unproven faiths more respect than earth
Youth riding busted boom what’s tomorrow worth

The poet stays with you when everyone has gone
And oh prejudice your light is always on
Mother nature take a bow and fill this womb
I write not in ink but in perfume

Beneath your fathers hat is a ten-ton curse
Bass-lines are stolen and so are words
And unkissed children talk the talk of lies
They're starving in the city and the lowlands fears the tides

On a London tube I can feel my blood
There’s no other way to see it
Can we say it loud enough

Love your brain it will set you free
Go on participate in other peoples destiny
And one day you’ll find out what it is you are not
From a city on fire I feel the weight of God

There’s love in the poorhouse before dreams are dry
Inventing scenarios for arguments you didn’t have is an angry life
The DNA of man is viral on your history's cloud
There’s life in Borough Market and man they turn it up loud

On a London tube I can feel my blood
There’s no other way to see it
Can we say it loud enough


The Piano's Broke

Info * Is the song that finds redemption.

I’ve seen you when the piano’s broke
And I’ve seen you when your table brings hope
And I’ve held you all a while
I’ve seen you in your motherhood
And I’ve seen you when my pages were good
And I’ve seen you smile

I’ve seen you when the piano’s broke
Callin' out for a song from your bridge of rope
And I sense your eyes behind lace
We laughed til candles run dim
But the dark can’t hide when people sing
I’ve seen the dancer's grace

I’ve seen you when the piano’s broke
Explain in oil signed in smoke
And I’ve loved you with all I got
I’ve seen night birds follow you home
I’ve see we’ve strained and we’ve grown
The piano’s broke but we’re not

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