DEAN OMORI Songwriter - Poet

Music is the Blood of Revolution

In 2010 I was approached by Amnesty International and asked if I would be interested in working with them after they had seen my short film 'Freedom Enough'. Since then I have toured in support of Amnesty and written their 50th Birthday song 'Love Is A Human Right'.

Got Daddy Gone & War Child

We cannot it seems, live in a world without war. But we can bring up our children knowing that the future depends on the actions of their generation.

I first became aware of the charity War Child way back in the '90's with their charity album 'Help'. Since then my songs have followed War Child from Kinshasa to Sarajevo, from the Sudan to Afghanistan and recently from Iraq to Syria. Dear Syria. With the release of my new album 'Got Daddy Gone' I wanted to bring a poet's vapour to the appalling war in Syria and the ongoing plight of the children and refugees from Afghanistan, Sudan, Eritrea etc...... On their long and monstrous road to a new home.

The profits from the album 'Got Daddy Gone' will go to War Child. So whether you download the album or you stream it, you will help the child of war.

Thank you Dean x