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Experiment for the brain. Organise the ingredients necessary to make cupcakes or some artisan bread. Keep enough room on the non floured end of the work-surface for a piece of paper and a pencil. Ok, so now, while following your chosen recipe, start writing a six line poem or a Haiku. With a little practice you will feel your brain actually switching from left to right hemispheres from the practice of baking to the art of writing poem. Some people experience headaches and nausea the first time.

I try to live my life in accordance with the hand made Japanese bowl made for me in Kyoto by Keoishi. It is grey, blue and unevenly thrown, but it is absolutely essential. It has been broken and magically repaired with the Japanese art of Kintsugi (to heal what is broken and in the process make it more beautiful). I drink my coffee with it, eat my rice from it and when I shower I clean it. I round down a full life to its simplicity.

Written, performed and produced by me.

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Released 2007

Track Listing

Stupid People

This is a mad mad world
Full of stupid people boys and girls
Doing things that no man should do
Backing into corners, swallowing rules
Religious war, man-made prayer
Believing in things that ain’t there
Spending more money on prison than school
Business bully government fool
In the back street only the truth’ll pay
Better donate your organs than live this way

Let no man or God
Force you to Accept
That which your own humanity
Does not respect or persue

Where we gonna put em all and keep em fed
Sex’ll kill us on a hungry bed
Learning to be lonely the philosophy of one
I’m scared you scared god I need this gun
And I’m ashamed of all these men
That kill each other and we salute them
If we weren’t crazy there'd be no war
And I don’t want to sing these damn songs no more
Take you seat in the coliseum when the media rings
Stupid people paralyzed by stupid things



Unrequited love can kill a man
It’s in his songs but not in his hands
Commercialism will feed long time on this
And the girls they come they all look like love
On curves and lips and they feed on lust
And all he ever really wanted was a kiss

And the futures not that far ahead
Human race lost everything dead
One damn good rain’ll kill the whole bloody lot of us
The couldn’t care less takes its toll
There’s all kinds of justice in this world
One for the money everything else for the show

And next to us God is poor
Life don’t you love us anymore
You know another word for squaw

And the rains come wash the pollution away
But you’ll be drinking it some other day
We show little respect for life, love and her
And we take what ever we please
The known world down on its knees
Worried about the price of oil as you drive home

So who’s the pig and whose’s the frog
The more people I meet the more I love my dog
She feeds his hungry and gently smells like bed
He set fire to the sky threw down his glove
and sommoned her with angry words of love
We've simplified life until it don't exist

And next to us God is poor
Life don’t you love us anymore
You know another word for squaw



The first time ever I saw a man
Had his hands down her knickers trying to buy up her land
He sucked out her soul and she sucked out his heart
They left together and made love in the park
The second time we met he was the father of three
Built a temple on the land that he'd thieved
They butchered the weak and exhibitioned the fool
Top of the food chain needs religious rule
Somebody said he looked a lot like me
Why do we take these chains when we’re free
The next time we met he was the king of the world
He fashioned everybody with the stories he told
The followers cried for the belief that they need
But you frighten us most in what you’re willing to believe


Jesus On His Knees

Who answered the door
Who saw the news
Who’d you tell
Who played the blues
Who came home broken
Who forgot to say please
Who gave me my first fist of love
Jesus on his knees

Who went to work this morning
Who is feeling small
Who bought a new car
Who watched the towers fall
Who lit a candle
Who cut the wood
Who stood on my toe
Prophet be good

Whose going hungry
Who wrote that book
Whose is a little different
Whose turn is it to cook
Who got cause for blame
Who got the new phone
Blood running down my face
Jesus please come home

Who thought about suicide
Who scrumped the money tree
Who gave up smiling
Who thinks they’re free
Who believes in something
Who has enough
Whose a mean kid at school
Prophet made of love

Whose feeling angry
Whose drinking milk
Whose making love outside
And whose sharing guilt
Whose wearing elephant
Who raped the tease
Whose got anything to declare
Jesus on his knees

Who wishes they were me
I know I do
Give me something to think
Who has nothing to lose
Whose left to change the world
Who thinks they should
Whose grinding coffee
Prophet be good

Whose got it registered
Who is taking this down
Whose building monoliths
Whose got a plan
Whose got courage left
Whose lost whose found
Whose marketing make believe
Jesus going down

Whose being circumcised
Whose going to war
Whose got less
And whose got more
Whose got hopes alive
And whose afraid
Whose allowed a voice
Who prophets from the energy of slaves

Whose to know
And whose to die
Whose to question
Whose to cry
Whose got money
Whose got the rope
I’m just finding my peace
God help me to cope

Whose been crucial
Whose criticized
Who told the truth
Who went and lied
Who gave me a bed to lie in
When I was in need
Get me on the internet
God help me believe



I’m alone on injustice digging up bones
I’m alone when the truth ain’t right can’t leave it alone
I’m alone when night falls and people dream
I’m alone when people lie and I know what they mean
And I raise the dead spit in their eye
You’re helping no one laying dead while they cry
We all alone with businessmen in suits
I stand alone
I’m alone in my boots

I was born in the belly of a stranger on a loveless night
You either learn to die or learn to fight
I was an evil man who had opened his eyes
Sold my soul to see things that don’t lie
Jesus come to bed with me
Looks like they don’t believe in what they see
Another child dies as mankind shoots
I stand alone
There’s blood in my boots

And I pass through the war to the hospital been bombed
I’m a lonely troubadour I tune my gun
To the starving millions satisfy your greed
Judge mankind on how it treats those in need
Tragedy is a low-down friend of mine
We live in desperate mediocre times
Am I the last man standing with the truth
I stand alone
I’m alone in these boots


Prayer 2

We’re the plague of human infected rich and poor
With righteous fits of ethics you broke all natural law
She got nine different children from ten different men
Three dogs and a cat in a tower block UNICEF condemned
Now government prop up what nature deselects
They shore up peoples use and then they shore up the effects
The womb is on the up shift based on biblical law
Half the world is hungry and most the world is poor
The unwanted people making left over kids
Rich infertile parents putting in child auction bids
There’s a plague of madness coming and in it we fall
Evolution will be the death of us all
I hear Charles Darwin coughing on the origins of love
Have the laws of attraction been screwed with enough


Life of a Poet

There’s peace on Earth I hope that it’s worth it
There’s dice in the drain a dying man threw it
And I ain’t like you I think that you know it
I feel every moment
The life of a poet

And this thing with God wasting my time
You can only read but I’m writing the sign
You run with life 'cos I’m chained to mine
I walk this road
Still I walk it blind

I give the world the marrow of my bones
You’ll see us all walking behind our souls
I give the world the marrow of my bones

I feel pain so you don’t receive it
I say what I say so others can go be it
Words in my mouth a blind man can see it
I feel everything
The life of a poet

Lay down your gun you beautiful soldier
I’ve seen you at love and I’ve seen you at slaughter
I give you the ways to become a lover
I give you the right for us all to be brothers

Girls panting verse without sound
It's a champagne sacrifice from unholy ground

I see this new world turn turn on a budget
I got these old ways old ways to judge it
The world in chaos non creatives have fucked it
The truth is a lie
The life of a poet

*Additional vocals by Sophie Vaughan


Beautiful World

Can we make love
Can we wake
Can we dance around the lake
Can this beautiful life not be filled with mistake
Can the people who put bullets in us come take them away

Can I be what I lack
Can we bring the gypsy’s back
Can I kiss the day from the soul of Iraq
Can we see the sun rise on this great big beautiful world

Can I resign my fate
Can it not be too late
Can we make a baby not made in hate
Oh beautiful world help me share my heart

Put the war away boys
It’s a beautiful world

Can we share the night
Can we watch the tide
Can we find our dead were really alive
Can there be peace on earth in this great big beautiful world

I see friends of mine
Cross the line
But can we work together one last time
Can you see from the corners of the world I’m a lot like you

Can you stop the war
Can’t fight anymore
Can we be the people we were before
Before the fight in this great big beautiful world

Put the war away boys
It’s a beautiful world


Prayer 3

The next man I met was like a beast drinking blood
He said deaf girls make the best noise making love
He started up a business where nobody should
He said even when they smell bad women smell good
And he pillaged and punished and exploited the girl
And by the time he had finished he’d exploited the world
Now what men want is with what they’re endowed
What women usually get is what men have allowed
When he’d finished with the women he turned to their little ones
Touched their bodies till the fortune of life had gone
A billion unwanted children cry another day
Got no sense of repercussion as we breed ourselves away
Life on this planet is soaked in man-made curse
Everything gets it just some people get it worse


How Can You Sleep

I spoke for the world and they denied me
But they discussed the curl of my hair
He who saved the great lakes died of cancer
And I don’t suppose justice has ever been fair
The last thing we love is the first thing we kill
The snow once fell clean and purled
She said make love to me like you mean it
Before you take us all to the end of the world

How can you sleep
How can you sleep
How can you sleep

In a place I found a great beauty
Where they built the things nobody needs
They stole it until there was nothing
I am the poet I speak for the trees
And I once gave my children a rainbow
They were blind to it looking for gold
We once thought those big bombs would kill us
Man you keep taking us to the end of the world

How can you sleep
How can you sleep
How can you sleep

We’re guilty of our own self-importance
They got theirs she got hers he got his
Seas will rise mountains will roar
Trees shall fall that have stood a thousand years
As the last witness is silenced
Our destiny DNA is uncurled
We’ll drag everything down with us when we go
You keep taking us to the end of the world

How can you sleep
How can you sleep
How can you sleep

*Additional vocals by Sarah Gelpie


Kitchen Philosophy

Everybody comes for something
Women come best for love
The world is filled with people
All wanting more when there’s been enough
And I am the lonely
I am your freak
I don’t seek your time or mind
Let my children sleep

But there’s no party tonight
No one else I want to be
And I shout for a silent justice
Kitchen philosophy

They’re looking to colonize another planet
Broke the one we got
Man of fate man of fiction
Few are smart the rest are not
I shoot a little breeze with no one
Take my binoculars look at the moon
Gotta keep perspective
Here too much gone too soon

Where’s the love of a good man
What were the crimes you saw
Shoot em in the back if they don’t follow orders
Shoot em in the front if they obey your law
I’m a cold man in a rainstorm
Outside the church I hear em praying
Take me home to my children
You gotta hear what people aint saying


Prayer 4

The last man I met had designed human fate
He left it to the rest of us and we all left it too late
The dynasty of man is but the blink of an eye
We ruled the world for such a short time
Life unsustainable in times of flood and thirst
But politics always speaks for money first
First we invented the wheel then the fishermen’s rod
We invented fire and progress and we invented God
Now we’re following each other 'til we're crawling in fields of blood
We're segregated arbitrated on streets once paved with love
Waiting for a hand out or waiting for a home
Waiting on the lottery or just waiting to get stoned
Waiting with my prejudice and someone else’s wife
The emotional biology of people made out of life


All We Are Is Memory

She pressed her body into mine
She said this is what god feels like
And on my skin she kissed the burs
Opened my mouth to speak and she covered it with hers

All we are is memory all we have is time
All we are is memory all we have is time

Who owns this place whose in disguise
The shareholders own the news and their followers own the lies
And all of my life I’ve been the one who’s weak
As I stand before you now let the condemned man speak

All we are is memory all we have is time
All we are is memory all we have is time

Ave Maria sing to me
I stole the silence and we’ll always be free
And we must not let the art of protest die
This world let me live my passions makes me cry

All we are is memory all we have is time
All we are is memory all we have is time

*Additional vocals by Sophie Vaughan


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